This vid for Fall Apart was filmed all around Memphis (Sun Studio, Ardent Records, the Rendezvous, etc.), sprinkled with family, and one shot in Dallas if you're quick enough to find it, from our trip tracing our roots across America.  What a trip it was!  Filmed by Braedon Flynn.

The live video below was when we jumped on the with the beautiful people of Music City Roots in Nashville for their weekely broadcast hosted by the ever prolific Jim Lauderdale.

Though we consider ourselves southern boys on many levels, having lived and schooled in Orange County, we also call the ocean home.  Got to shoot the footage for Gonna Let You between the jetties of Newport Beach.  Representing our friends at Almond Surfboards, Chad Cress shot the water footage, and I'll do my best to track down who shot the footage on Nashville's downtown, John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge.

We dropped in for a look around famed recording studio Ardent Records in Memphis, TN and had a guided tour by Big Star drummer Jody Stephens who runs the place now.  Couldn't pass up the chance to play the piano in the room, and we even ended up back there to record the official version of Outside Memphis for the Give Love, vol. 2 EP early 2017 release date.  Make us tell you the story sometime.  It's a deep one!

We filmed this version of Making Plans at the home in Arkansas our mom grew up in surrounded by her siblings and our cousins.  The home, called the Big House, and these people we call family are as dear to us as anything on the this Earth.  It was a pretty special night, and we were lucky to have good friend Braedon Flynn there to capture it.